Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Pretty early on in my flamenco life, an organization in Philly hosted a "Feria de Sevilla" complete with casetas, caballeros on horseback and lots of polka dots. The event culminated in an evening of performances and my teachers, the Rubios had hired this Sevillano who was living in NY to come sing for their show. That's when I first met "the Fons," Alfonso Cid. A few years later, I went down to DC to help my friend Anna Menendez put her first show together. She had hired Alfonso to sing for her show at night, and I had the pleasure of spending the whole day walking around the District with Fonsi soaking up the sights. As I quickly learned, he's very bright and curious, and has a great sense of humor. Naturally, I had to take him to the Smithsonian and track down the "Happy Days" exhibit so I could take his picture with that other Fonzie's  mementos. Through the years, I've seen him in all kinds of shows from tiny flamenco tablaos to a packed large arena, where he was the featured artist with Romeo Santos. He has been a true friend, and has seen me through some really horrible times, somehow always showing up right when I needed him. He's welcomed me into his home with a spread after spread of delicious tapas and was my first cante teacher. I have immeasurable affection and gratitude for the presence of this very special human being in my life, and in a couple days, I will finally get to be in a show with him. It is a dream come true for me to be on stage, sharing the art form that means so much to both of us, and paying homage to his magnificent home town. ¡Óle mi Fonsi. ¡Víva la amistad ¡Víva Sevilla!

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